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Survival of the Fittest...One Child's Life in the Foster Care System

Heart-breaking and remarkable, Survival of the Fittest is a story of triumph as Lenora Williams and her family struggle to survive and overcome the obstacles put in their paths. Meet the foster parents who changed Lenora's life, her brother Harry Jr., her mother Maggie and father Harry Sr.--all of these lives touched and ultimately altered by what is known only as "the system."

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Survival of the Fittest was once entitled Foster Care People. The name of the novel changed once Neshee Publication became my publishers. The basic manuscript hasn't changed and the reviews are from the that manuscript. Foster Care People was the book's previous title. I am pleased with Neshee's suggestion that the title change. I agree the story is about a child's survival which is most important. Yet, the reviews from the following people are important. Simply because they championed my book from it's inception in 2000. These reviewers read my book when it was an on line publication. I gratefully acknowledge their views of my work on this page.

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Description: Riveting For just a minute, imagine the iron branding of human flesh. The putrid smell of skin burning follows the grotesque exposure of tendons and veins. Soon, the wounds heal, the scars fade, and the physical pain vanishes. But, what if this happened to the same person, over and over again, just in different spots on their body? Would you dare to look at the disfigurement? "Foster Care People" depicts the invisible iron branding of the human soul. Written from a child's point of view, the book starts quite innocently. We witness a happy family, two parents with a son and a daughter. Even the best of homes expect a few trials now and then. Yet the events surrounding a kitchen fire smolder the lives of each family member for the next several years. Lenora Williams, the daughter and main character, attempts to warn us of the impending danger. That's because the red-hot irons of abuse try to sear into your consciousness, which could burn the bridges to your spirit, and leave you numb for a while. I prayed the story only came from the author's vivid imagination. Lauretta Ali's descriptions through the eyes of a child are riveting. Through Lenora, she calmly reminds us that children are people too, not punching bags or sex toys. I felt as if I stood in a corner of the bedroom with my arms bound, and my mouth taped shut, while the second foster father visited her at night. Although the skin quickly conceals the outer evidence, time creeps to erase the psychological effects. I recommend "Foster Care People" to anyone who raises a child, whether for a day, two years or a lifetime. Judine Slaughter, eBook Reviews Weekly

Express Yourself Books FOSTER CARE PEOPLE by talented author Lauretta Ali is about a little girl who grew up in a foster care. It tells how her life started out in the system, and how it failed her and her brother instead of giving them the same advantages as they would for white children in the system. Continuous abuse worsens as the child grows, and at the same time, strengthening her to be the woman she grows up to be. Not only does the reader follow the young girl through daily routines, it goes much deeper than that, readers will learn how just delicate our little ones are. This reviewer thoroughly enjoyed reading about this young girl—even though it was terribly heart-wrenching at times—however, the need to find out what happens to her is powerful as the read pages flew past my fingertips. This book is perfect for young adults. It is would be a great read for children who are going through some or all of the same things that the young character in the book is going through. FOSTER CARE PEOPLE should be in all libraries—public, at school, and at home. It would also be wonderful as required reading, or suggested reading for those in school training to become a psychologist, psychiatrist, or sociologist. Give a child this wonderful gift so they may read about the emotional, self-growth, and heart-felt tale of this little determined girl. They will remember it forever!--Reviewed by: Jennifer LB Leese [email protected] Reviewer Rating: * * * * * Foster Care People is a true story about the author’s life as a young girl in the foster care system. It is sometimes shocking, appalling, saddening, and joyful. It is a story that needs to be told, and a story that needs to be read. Lenora and her brother, Harold Jr., are happy children living with their parents in New York City during the 1950’s. Her mother, Maggie, and her father, Harold, Sr. love each other and dote on their children. But when her father is discovered having an affair with one of her mother’s friends, it destroys the family. Her mother takes Lenora and her brother to live with her grandmother, where they are ridiculed and teased for the circumstances that brought them there. Maggie begins drinking heavily, and after a serious fight with her sister, Maggie takes the children to their father. He takes them in, but they are not well accepted by his new wife, and he chooses his wife over his children and places them in the foster care system. What follows is a heart-rending tale of the horrors that can happen to children in this system, and the horrors that did happen to this little girl. As she and her brother go from foster home to foster home, they endure things that no one should have to endure. They are abused, beaten, neglected, and discriminated against. They are also genuinely loved and cared for by two wonderful foster families, but are not allowed to stay because of that love. Foster Care People is not an easy read, nor could one call it a "good" read. It isn’t meant to be. It is definitely a "must read" story. Copyright © 2002 by Kathy Hill, Sharp Writer Reviews

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