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Come Alive Human Family--The Play

Come Alive Human Family is a stage play that consists of a series of monologues based upon the lives of various people who dedicated their lives to the advancement of civil and human rights.

The play opens at Moving In The Spirit’s Beam Theatre, located at 750 Glenwood Ave, Atlanta GA on Friday, January 29 2016.

Opening night will be a Red Carpet event. Doors will open at 6:30pm for those who want to be a part of the picture taking before the play begins. There are two more shows: Saturday, January 30, 7pm and a Sunday matinee on January 31, 4pm.

Come Alive Human Family—The Play introduces the audience to a moving learning experience by way of entertainment. Using monologues and a host of soul stirring spiritual songs, the characters come to life on stage, telling their stories of their struggles in working toward an end to inhumane discrimination.

You will meet many unsung heroes and sheroes who will share with you how and why they put their lives on the line in an effort to end the maltreatment of their fellow human beings on the bases or race, creed and color.

You will meet Paul Robeson, Harriet Tubman, Shirley Chisholm, Viola Liuzzo, John Brown, A. Philip Randolph, Fay Abrahams Stender, Elijah Muhammad, Cesar Chavez, Billie Holiday and a host of others who are well known and little known. They will come alive and let their

stories be told!

Red Carpet Opening Night Photos

Photography by Dee who has been my photographer and dear friend since 2006. She is a total professional and you can find out more about her at:

Red Hot Reviews:

Ajeenah El-Amin:

"Peace Lauretta. I just want you to know how much I enjoyed your play tonight! It was great. My mother also wanted to come but she had to babysit but she asked will you also have the play next month for Black History month. If so I would love to see it again and have her see it for the first time. Again it was just great and all of the actors were great! I would also like to know where do you find such great actors and if they are volunteer or paid actors? I also have some plays I'd like to come to life and those are some great actors I'd like to know."

Dawud Abdullah, our Master of Ceremonies on The Red Carpet Opening Night as well a talented stage performer known as

"Unkle Woo" WRITES:


Hajja Karima Ali Sultan wrote:

"Come Alive Human Family The Play is a powerful must see!! I really enjoyed this play. The play was very well articulated. "Hats Off" to Imam Muhammad Abdullah & Lauretta Ali! One feature of the play that really amazed me was the perfection of the acting . The actors and actresses seemed as if they actually were the character in which they were playing, thus creates an exciting mesh. I was particularly impressed by the way that the characters seemed to actually emotionally feel and exist in their own unique roles."

Betty Hester

This play gives homage and honor to our ancestors and you can learn something as well, little known black history fact "our children need to see and know". Took my grand daughter and a couple of her friends and they thoroughly enjoyed. Keep in mind this play is 2 hrs. long with an intermission but it held there interest and they wanted to come back to see it again!!! Speaks volumes!!!

Phyllis Jordan Dunlop:

Hey my sister, what a great opening night. I enjoyed the play along with the Education that was presented on OUR History. Some things were introduced that some of us did not even know about our Hero's. Such a success and fun event. I am glad I was able to participate and show love and support. Until next time....

Stephanie Scott:

Was able to attend this awesome production tonight!! Please attend the 4:00 pm show Sunday. You may purchase your tickets at the door!! Lauretta Ali, awesome job!

Red Hot Alert!

We want to thank our children Terry and Nakiesha Smith for their generous donation enabling us to offer our guests a lovely program and keepsake of each night's performance. You are loved, you are treasured and you are appreciated!

We want to thank everyone who purchased on line tickets and those who showed up to pay at the door. We look forward to seeing many of you at our next production.

Showtimes and Dates:

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January 29, 2016 7pm

January 30, 2016 7pm

January 31, 2016 4pm 

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Red Carpet Event 6:30pm


Red Hot Alert!

Tickets are $20 Online Purchase for Friday's performance is now closed.

We do have a few seats left so you can purchase tickets at the door, CASH ONLY!

Tickets are $20 Online Purchase for Saturday's performance is now closed.

Seating is available for tonight's performance. Please pay at the door, CASH ONLY!

Tickets are $20 Online Purchase for Sunday's performance is now closed.

Seating is available for tonight's performance. Please pay at the door, CASH ONLY!