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About Us at Lali Productions LLC:

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We are committed to working with actors who are inspired by greatness. We are an "ensemble" oriented group and we believe that being great does not mean being grand. We want to become one of the premier performance art companies in the Atlanta area and are seeking actors, playwrights and poets/performance artists to build our core ensemble company. We performed The Delinquent Society the playthe weekend of October 8-10, 2010 to an almost sold out venue! Our documentary movie Bullying: A Shameful Dilemma was completed in 2012.

Our movie premiered red carpet on November 15, 2014 at The Legacy Theatre in Lithonia, GA. The movie was a labor of love and we are excited about our company's contribution to assist in eliminating this urgent matter. We are seeking venues for future screenings and welcome all inquiries. We are now excited about our new company On The Spot Edutainment. Under our umbrella, this new company's first project will be an update of the bullying movie. We will begin seeking people to interview in the fall of this year 2015 with a target of completion in spring of 2016. The new movie will be called Bullying: A Shameful Dilemma Revisited. Because this issue is something we are passionate about, it is our goal to investigate the status of bullying today by conducting new interviews and to enlighten the world at large. If we continue to sweep this issue under the rug, then our children will grow into adults that carry on this tradition of hurt and pain inflicted upon themselves and others. On The Spot Edutainment will seek to use entertainment to educate people of all ages, making any learning experience a great one. We must save our children in order to save our own lives!

Founder and Artistic Director:

Lauretta Ali-Abdullah,Producer, Artistic Director, Actor, Playwright and Author of a nonfiction novel Survival of the Fittest...One Child's Life in the Foster Care System. She studied acting technique at the Theater School in Georgetown, Washington, DC; improvisation with Norman Charles in New York City. She has taken Commercial, Auditioning/Marketing and TV Sitcom classes with Robert Collier, also in New York. Lauretta has appeared in a number of films, plays and television commercials, most notably the independent films, "Satan Claus" with Rounds Entertainment; QuickSylver Production's "The Quilt" and the TV Sitcom "Have Mercy."

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She co-starred in the Atlanta based plays "Six Prayers and a Dream" and "A Day in the Life." She performed for 24 years with her late husband Yusef Ali (a noted Percussionist/Congero) under the logo "Poetry & Skins." They were also the Hosts of the Cablevision show Talk TV with Yusef and Lauretta Ali in Newark NJ. Her first published book is one of poetry based upon her life as a single parent in the 1960s, "Songs To A Manchild," written for her son. Lali Productions LLC produced her play The Delinquent Society in 2010. The company completed their documentary film Bullying: A Shameful Dilemma in 2012. Recently married to Imam Muhammad J. Abdullah, they are excited about taking the company to it's next level.

Marketing/Musical Director:

Muhammad J. Abdullah, Producer, Musician, Writer, Performance Artist, Public Speaker

He received his Bachelor's Degree in Communications Studies in 1984, where he majored in Radio and Television Broadcasting and Journalism, with minors in Business Management and Political Science, from The University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Clark County Community College. He is a published Journalist and writer, and was contracted as a "front-cover story", Free Lance Investigative Reporter from 1989-1993, for The Las Vegas Sentinel Voice News, a weekly newspaper,

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which was at the time, the largest circulated African-American newspaper in the State of Nevada, reaching readers in California, Arizona and parts of Utah. His articles have appeared in The AM Journal, The Bilalian News, The Muslim Journal and The Chattanooga Courier, respectively. His specialty as a journalist is "one-on-one" "exclusive interview stories". Among those interviewed by him was President Bill Clinton, the noted African History scholar, Yousef Bin Johannan, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid , Reverend Jesse Jackson, Professor Angela Davis, nationally syndicated talk-show host, Rabbi Dennis Prager, political and business leader, Percy Sutton and former Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder, et al. In radio broadcasting, he briefly produced, and co-hosted two radio talk shows, one in 1992, which was an "interfaith", and "intra-faith", call-in program, entitled, "Islam In Focus", with guests who are community leaders, educators, religious scholars, and others, addressing a variety of local, national, and international topics and issues. The second show was a Blog-Talk radio program named, "One God. One Humanity", which was co-hosted by his late wife, Shamar Imani "Jean" Abdullah. As an educator, he has worked over seven years, as a Substitute Teacher in Grades K-12, where he specialized in "at risk” students, and "accelerated" student assignments, and was regularly on call for "repeat requests" and "long-term" assignments. He has worked in hundreds of schools in the States of Nevada, Maryland, and Georgia and also in the District of Columbia. As a professional sales and marketing specialist for over 30 years, he has been contracted by numerous companies as well as , political, non-profit, and charitable organizations, for sales and marketing assignments and have set up and managed call centers for telemarketing and telesales of numerous products and services, as well as, social, cultural and political fundraising activities. He is an accomplished percussionist, a cappella singer, writer, and performance artist. He will be working with his new wife, Lauretta Ali, to bring new plays, documentaries and spoken word performances to Lali Productions. He is also the founder of their cultural addition” On The Spot Productions” which focuses on educational and theatrical improvisations.

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Past Company Members and Supporters honorably mentioned, always loved and never forgotten....

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Roderick Scott, was the past Theatrical and Film Director and was born in Athens, Georgia but raised in Carlton, Georgia. Mr. Scott has always had an interest in movies and television. He served on the Media Ministry at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church now known as Destiny World Church and was responsible for filming the weekly broadcast for the television viewers. He currently serves on the Security Ministry with DWC. Mr. Scott was introduced to Lali Productions LLC through his son Quint Scott. He began assisting Mrs. Ali and was offered the position of Assistant Director for “The Delinquent Society”. He then went on to direct the documentary film "Bullying: A Shameful Dilemma." Lauretta Ali enjoyed working with him and is grateful for all of his many contributions.

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Stephanie Scott was born in Athens, GA but raised in Lexington, GA. She is a graduate of the University of West Georgia. She works full time at a Fortune 500 Company in Atlanta, GA, bringing to the company a wealth of corporate knowledge and experience. She is a proud mother of two boys; her oldest son is Quint Scott (Jonathan Bosserman) one of the main characters in “The Delinquent Society” and the wife of Roderick Scott the Assistant Director of “The Delinquent Society.”

Stephanie is an aspiring photographer and was grateful for the opportunity to assist as Lali Productions Resident Photograper. She was excited about working with all cast/crew members which was evidenced by the many wonderful pictures on this website. She was much appreciated and is well loved.

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Quint Scott, past Associate Producer and Technical Engineer was born in Austell, Georgia but raised in Powder Springs, Quint Scott is a young aspiring actor. Quint started acting in the fourth grade at his school, joining the drama, show choir, chorus, and dance clubs. He loved watching young actors on television and knew that a life in the field of entertainment was what he really wanted.

Quint began pursing this dream at the age of twelve. Even though “The Delinquent Society” is his first acting job, his talent is raw and exciting. A natural born actor with great promise, he is shooting for the sky with a goal to land among the stars! Yet, now at the age of 15, Quint is the driving force behind Lali Productions’s new documentary film Bullying: A Shameful Dilemma. He was an essential part of the company’s growth and development! I look forward to possibly working with him again in the future. Yet, I will always remembers his gifts and the love in which he gave them.

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R.I.P Yusef Ali

Yusef Ali, was the company's Musical Director and was the Congero/Percussionist for Primitive Soul and is featured on their CD “Devotion.” He had been a "Congero" for more than 30 years, and had worked with the Alvin Haley Dance Troop, the Katherine Durham Dance Ensemble, Bradford Hayes, the Andy Bey Quartet, and the list goes on. His studio credentials included Ronald Bell of Kool & the Gang and he recently recorded a CD with NY Flutist Ruby Awa and her quartet.

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A native New Yorker, Yusef was co-founder of Poetry and Skins with his wife Lauretta Ali. Together they hosted "Talk TV" on Channel 19 in Newark for over 10 years. Yusef had appeared at NYC's Le Bar Bat, the Knitting Factory, and recently with Nadirah Shakoor and her band Outside Art at the Apache Cafe in Atlanta. He was nominated for the "Outstanding Musical Contribution" award by the African Globe Theatre for the play "Sisters of Survival". Yusef was a very spiritual man, an amazing performer and passed away from cancer on May 5, 2011. There is not a day that goes by that he isn't missed. May he rest in peace.

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From Top Left Clockwise:

Naeemah Ali, Yusef Ali, Barbara Yizar and Shirley Fraser at the Rialto Center for the Performing Arts in support of Lauretta Ali's performance of "Mama Dee" in the play "False Profits"

We are casting for films and plays. Send us your pictures, resumes, bios! Please submit your plays, scripts for production consideration. 

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